Calculate the future value of Bitcoins

Calculate the future value of one Bitcoin. We’ve estimated the total world GDP to be 71 trillion dollars, and we are in year 2025 with 19 million Bitcoins available (for simplicity, 0% till 2025). You have to pick two values:

  • What percentage of the world economy using Bitcoins
  • What percentage of available Bitcoins, will be used for transactions (some will be used for investing, some will be lost)

Percentage of the world economy:

That’s why Bitcoin is a good investment

If you believe in Bitcoin, and have a believe it can be used in 0,05-1% of all transactions in the world, it will have a HUGE value. As an investment alone, this is a smart choice.

This is why you should buy Bitcoins. Yes, they’re not that cheap anymore, but compared to the future value, it’s probably one of the best investments you can ever make. Buy Bitcoins now.

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